6 Top Tips from nkd ( ) Lash and Brow Experts

Top tips from nkd ( ) for any budding lash and brow technicians

  1. Don’t assume you know best!

When are creating the perfect lashes and brows for your client it is important to remember that client satisfaction is your number one priority – although you will have your own preference and that could lead you to tint and shape the brows the way you like, without considering the clients preference! It’s vital to be open minded and carry out a thorough consultation to see what your client wants.

You should consider their hair colour, skin colour and current brow shape. That said, there will always be the odd client who can be challenging or unhappy which will often be the result of miscommunication or mixed expectations or, in many cases, if a client does not fully understand the end-to-end process of the lash and brow treatment. Therefore, communication is key.

An expert consultation is the most important part of positioning yourself as a an expert lash and brow therapist. So, what does the perfect consultation involve:

  1. Listen carefully to your client’s needs expectations/desires
  2. Explain the procedure
  3. Give your client an opportunity to ask any questions they have and make sure to address these
  4. Discuss brow design and colour as well as narrowing down ultimately what THEY want to get out of the procedure. But, just make sure that you are realistic and manage their expectations.

A client who understands everything about the procedure they are having is a client that is more likely to be happy with the results they receive.

Although all the information might be on your website, you should assume they haven’t read everything so make sure you go over everything during the consultation.

  1. Getting the Right Colour for brows in VITAL!

Getting the colour of the brows right is vital and should be a combination of listening to what your client wants as well as using your expertise as a trained lash and brow technician.

But why is colour so important? The ultimate goal of brow tinting is to make the brows look fuller and more defined, but in a way that suits your client’s face and style, when it comes to individual clients you should look at the shade they are to begin with and what effect they want to achieve (e.g. larger, impactful brows vs something subtle and natural).

Here’s a few of our key tint takeout’s:

  • Don’t go too dark – although there isn’t a ‘quick-fix’ if you accidently go darker than a client wants you can reduce the intensity of the tiny by using a gentle cleanseror by gently wipe over the brows with a small amount of tint stain remover to lift some of the colour
  • Don’t use regular hair dye – we’ve heard it all at nkd ( ) and clients and therapists using regular hair dye is NO NO. The simple fact is that is that eyebrow tint (dye) is very different from hair dye, so make sure you’re using the correct products. Hair dye is far too abrasive and harsh for the delicate skin on the face and the proximity to the eyes. Whichever dye you do choose to use in your salon ensure you do a patch test on all clients 24 hours beforehand.
  1. Understand your Clients’ Lashes

Knowing when NOT to perform a treatment makes a good lash technician. We want our clients to be happy with their results, not for their lashes to be falling out!

Although lash lifts are safe for most people,  as a qualified technician you will be able to judge whether the treatment is appropriate for your client – you don’t want to over-process lashes or carry out a treatment too soon after a previous treatment as these can cause damage to the lashes.

Lash lifts involve chemicals so it’s important to always patch test your clients. You should also be aware of contraindications such as: blepharitis, eczema, psoriasis, and conjunctivitis as anyone suffering from these should typically stay away from lash lifts, because the perming solution has the potential for irritation. In addition, if your client has any existing medical eye conditions—like cataracts, glaucoma, or dry eye syndrome —or has recently had eye surgery, they should consult with a medical professional first to ensure they are able to continue.

At nkd ( ) our lash and brow technicians ensure that during the consultation the lashes are accessed to ensure we don’t over process or damage the clients lashes. In cases where we suspect the clients lashes have been over processed we would recommend suitable home care solutions to strengthen the lashes before going ahead with the treatment

  1. Don’t Skimp on your Certification and Insurance!

When interviewing and trade testing therapists for our salons, it never fails to amaze us how many therapists are self-taught in Lash and Brow treatments and are regularly performing lash lifts for example on their clients, despite NOT having the required certification. Lack of certification means that these therapists are NOT insured to carry out these treatments on clients, which is a big deal. Even if you are self-taught and you feel like you know what you’re doing, you still need an actual qualification to add to your insurance.

  1. After Care is key!

As therapists we know our aftercare off by heart and sometimes miss the importance of telling our clients! Without clearly discussing aftercare following on from a lash & brow treatment the client could find that the results of their treatment don’t last. For example, if your client goes for a swim directly after having a lash lift (shock emoji) you can basically say Bye bye lash lift!! Having an aftercare leaflet is useful and always discussing the key after care points regardless of if it’s your clients first or 15th appointment, they will appreciate it if it means longer lasting results.

It’s not just about the do’s and don’ts directly after the treatment! For stronger, healthier lashes and brows your clients will need educating on homecare solutions. Don’t be afraid to retail products to your clients, the process of a good lash and brow treatment doesn’t stop when they leave your salon! Consider what your client needs depending on their expectations and desired results.

Clients who come in for a one-off eyebrow wax but then attempt to tame their brows the rest of the year will NEVER get the best results! Talk to your client about their long-term goals and be realistic with them when you advise them how long it may take to achieve this

  1. Don’t forget the little things

Coming for a lash & brow treatment can be quite daunting – let’s face it we’re all becoming very precious about our brows and rightly so! Your client’s might feel a bit nervous, even if they’ve been to you before! They need to feel comfortable with their therapist and one way you’ll achieve this is by doing the little things! At nkd every client, whether they’re new or existing to the salon would be greeted in a friendly manner, offered a glass of water, and then taken to their treatment room, where we would discuss their treatment, any contraindications and we would explain in detail what their treatment included. This will put them at ease and instantly will show them that they’re in safe hands. We would NOT discuss their treatment, contra indications etc in the reception area for everyone to hear! Other little things to include would be to offer your clients a mirror and talk through their expectations. The more the client knows about what is happening the more comfortable they will feel. At the end of your treatment, ensure your clients are happy, offer them a mirror to check the results and make sure your clients know they CAN tell you if there is something not quite right, as it’s important to you that they’re happy! 

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