7 Top Tips from nkd waxing for any Wanabee Waxing Experts

    1. Strip Wax on Intimate is a No No

      Even though it’s 2022, a large amount of salons and therapists are still using strip wax for intimate waxing! Strip wax is NOT suitable for a full intimate wax and WILL cause your client unnecessary pain and discomfort, as well as lead to inferior results. Do yourself and your clients a favour by researching the many new-generation hot (peelable) waxes that have been on the market for many years now. In this day and age, there really is no excuse for still using strip wax on intimate areas!

    2. Don’t Assume you Already Know Best

      The new generation of hot/peelable waxes (we use Perron Rigot) give absolutely fantastic results AND give an extremely comfortable wax for the client when used correctly. However, they are very different from old-school “figure of eight” hot wax and different techniques must be used to get the right results. A lot of therapists and salons are also put off by the new generation of hot waxes because they perceive them to be too expensive. When used incorrectly, they can be expensive if you’re misapplying then, but with the correct product and technique training, they’re not. It’s unfortunate that many salons and therapists have been put off because they’ve bought the product from a wholesaler with no idea how to use it properly and then don’t get the best results.

    3. Don’t Skimp on your Certification and Insurance!

      When interviewing and trade testing therapists for our salons, it never fails to amaze us how many therapists are self-taught in female intimate waxing and are regularly performing Hollywood and Brazilian waxes on their clients, despite NOT having the required intimate waxing certification. Lack of certification means that these therapists are NOT insured to carry out intimate waxing on clients, which is a big deal. Even if you are self-taught and you feel like you know what you’re doing, you still need an intimate waxing qualification to add to your insurance.

    4. Male Intimate Waxing is a Totally Different Kettle of Fish

      On the same theme, just because you may be properly taught and certified in female intimate waxing, that doesn’t mean you’re properly equipped, qualified or insured to carry out the even more delicate art of male intimate waxing.  Male intimate waxing is a separate qualification and certification altogether, which you NEED for your own benefit, the benefit of your male clients AND to comply with your insurance terms.

    5. Attracting the Right Type of Male Client

      An unfortunate side-effect of adding Male Intimate Waxing to your pricelist is that a very small proportion of men may use try and use this for their own satisfaction, let’s say. This can include phone calls and emails which purport to be asking genuine questions, but what’s really happening is something quite different! Avoid this by putting a wealth of information on your website. Then any questionable call or email received can be politely and firmly directed straight to your website. If the client still has any questions that are not answered on your site. then of course you will be happy to answer them, but the more information you have on your website, the less this can happen. For all treatments booked at nkd ( ) (not just male intimate) we require card details to be added to the client’s file (our booking system is configured in such a way that it literally won’t let us book an appointment in unless the client file has payment card details added to it). If the client then no shows or late cancels, the full price of the appointment is debited from the card on file. An added advantage of this is that it totally deters any timewasters or questionable male clients from even trying to book in with us in the first place.

    6. Speed isn’t everything

      Another thing we experience with new therapists to nkd/candidates who are interviewing and trade testing is therapists who proudly announce that they can complete a female Hollywood or Brazilian wax in 10 minutes. We then see from their technique that this is because they try and complete the treatment in 3 or 4 MASSIVE strips! The bigger the strip, the more pain is involved for the client. nkd’s philosophy is that yes, clients want a quick wax, but they also want a comfortable wax. So take that additional 10 – 20 minutes and make your wax strips smaller. Your clients will thank you for it!

    7. Educate your Client

      Clients who come in for a one-off holiday wax or a few sporadic waxes when it’s really hot weather in the UK but then shave the rest of the year will NEVER get the best results from their wax. Just as effective diets never start in the summer (!) neither should a waxing routine. In order to get smooth, hair-free skin for as long as possible, clients need to commit to a regular waxing routine which will train their hair into the same growth cycle. Once the hair is all growing through at once, it can be removed at once and only then will the client start to attain their goal of remaining smooth and hair-free for the maximum amount of time between their waxes. Again, it’s your job to educate your client on this if you’re passionate about helping them get the best results from their waxing treatments.

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