Consider Yourself an Expert Waxer? 4 Top Tips to Take your Waxing Treatments to the Next Level

1. Don’t forget the little things

Coming for an intimate wax can be quite daunting and your client’s might feel a bit nervous, even if they’ve been to you before! They need to feel comfortable with their therapist and one way you’ll achieve this is by doing the little things! At nkd every client, whether they’re new or existing to the salon would be greeted in a friendly manner, offered a glass of water, and then taken to their treatment room, where we would discuss their treatment, any contraindications and we would explain in detail what their treatment included. This will put them at ease and instantly will show them that they’re in safe hands. We would NOT discuss their treatment, contra indications etc in the reception area for everyone to hear! Other little things to include would be to offer your clients intimate wipes to cleanse the intimate area before their wax, talk to them throughout the treatment and explain what you’re doing. The more the client knows about what is happening the more comfortable they will feel. At the end of your treatment, ensure your clients are happy, offer them a mirror if they wish to check the area and remember to excuse yourself from the treatment room whilst they do this. You should be confident at this stage that they won’t find any stray hairs, however if they do, now is the time to correct their treatment NOT when they’ve gone home and call up later to complain! We hear from our clients at nkd that they stopped going to their previous salon as hairs were being missed, this can be down to lack of confidence, poor training, and poor techniques. It’s surprising though that these clients tell us that they would not call the salon to say there’s a few stray hairs remaining as they don’t feel comfortable to do so, instead they just wouldn’t return. Make sure your clients know they CAN tell you if there are hairs remaining as it’s important to you that you perform the treatment correctly!! 

2. Homecare and Aftercare are key!

Don’t assume your regular clients know their aftercare and homecare advice! Just because you’ve told them several times before does not mean they remember. Make sure during your treatment you discuss in detail your client’s aftercare advice, and homecare advice and remember these are two very different things! Aftercare advice is what the client should or shouldn’t do directly after their wax and for the next 24-48 hours, for example, they should wear loose clothing and should avoid touching the area, they shouldn’t take a hot bath or shower and shouldn’t go the gym. As professional therapists we know the list of do’s and don’ts go on! Homecare advise on the other hand is very different, here you would advise your clients about the most suitable products for them to help with their concerns, such as sensitive skin, excessive hair growth, ingrown hairs etc. If you’re doing an intimate wax and not recommending products, you’re not giving your client the most professional service. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t visit the dentist every 6 months but then never brush your teeth in between. It’s the same for waxing, your clients need to be exfoliating and applying a suitable moisturiser as a minimum homecare routine. Many of your clients will need additional homecare solutions, such as a glycolic or salicylic acid-based products to help eliminate ingrown hairs. 

3. Be prepared to adapt your treatment

Adapting your treatments to suit your clients is so important. For example, if your client is pregnant, they may feel more sensitive to the heat of the wax and may also find the treatment a little more uncomfortable. This can be resolved by using the correct pre waxing solutions and barrier oils to protect the skin, and just by taking a little more time with your treatment and applying smaller strips. Your pregnant clients won’t be able to get into certain positions, so make sure you’re able to adapt your treatment so you can still perform a full intimate wax without your client being uncomfortable. For example, your pregnant client could roll on to their side rather than bringing their knees to their chest when waxing around the buttocks area. Your pregnant client may also feel more comfortable stretching the areas themself, especially around the lower abdomen area. Understanding these points and your clients’ needs is an important factor in creating the most professional and comfortable treatment for them. 

4.  Keep your Client Informed

These days, a wax is so much more than a wax. For example, all nkd ( ) waxes start with the application of Perron Rigot Blue Lotion and Jasmine oil to prep and protect the skin properly. We finish all of our nkd ( ) waxes with a refreshing gel and moisturizing milk so as to calm, sooth and further protect the skin after the wax. If you’re going to these efforts so as to make sure that your client gets the best possible results ,and the most comfortable wax, then make sure you are explaining to your client what you are doing, every step of the way. Not only does this showcase your talent and expertise as a superb waxing therapist, but it’s also so much nicer for your client to know what is going on and what is about to happen.

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